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New! RESEARCH: Business Value of Meetings White Paper Series

These five white papers are the beginning of a robust toolbox that will help you through the process of evaluating the business value of your events.  Download them today.

Perception vs. Reality
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Stakeholder Commitment
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Defining Your Objectives
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Meaningful Measures
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Analysis and Reporting
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Business Value of Meetings (BVOM) at EIBTM

A session at EIBTM was dedicated to exploring the results from the Business Value of Meetings (BVOM) research (launched at AIBTM in June 2011).  Led by Bill Voegeli, the session focused on the major obstacles to determining the business value of meetings.

The research was made possible by the MPI Foundation and the following industry Thought Leaders: Omni Hotels & Resorts, PSAV, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts.  The FOM research is conducted by Leeds Metropolitan University.  The Meeting Design research is conducted by Association Insights in collaboration with The Perfect Meeting.



By clearly illustrating current practices, business trends and real demands to prove the business value of meetings, we prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

MPI ensures member success today and tomorrow by launching this research-based Business Value of Meetings (BVOM) roadmap (supported by the MPI Foundation and AIBTM), which clearly illustrates current practices, business trends and real demands on the meeting industry. Research began in 2010 and launched at AIBTM’s debut, June 21-23, 2011, in Baltimore.

Further Business Value of Meetings research will focus on case studies and the identification of variances in practices by continents and business regions and will offer solutions for best practices that provide a guide for the future.


Business Value of Meetings (BVOM) Resources

The Study
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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary AUDIO
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The 2010 World Education Congress ROI Impact Study



Webinars: Part I, Part IIPart IIIPart IV

PPT Presentation: BVOM Results


Interview with Bill Voegeli (Download)
General Information on the Business Value of Meetings (Download)

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BVOM: Perception vs. Reality

MPI engaged more than 1,500 professionals in North America, Europe and Asia to connect to what's actually happening in day-to-day implementation of strategies and tactics.

Capitalizing on the experiences and lessons learned from study participants provides you a step up to improve your output measurement, objective reporting and action-oriented improvement.

MPI’s Business Value of Meetings Initiative is supported by: