Hosted Buyer

Contact Us and let us assist you with your WEC experience.

Relationships made at WEC are part of the tangible value of attendance. But cutting through the clutter of who to connect with and how to do it, with limited time at a conference of thousands, can be a challenge. Participating in the Hosted Buyer Program at WEC will help you meet the challenge head on. The Hosted Buyer Program is designed to be your direct path to beginning essential relationships or rekindling old ones that will help you with your business, bring you new business and expand your network.

Get face time with the contacts you need to meet and create a unique experience based on your business needs.   The hosted buyer software (new this year) allows you the ability to have rich conversations before the conference begins, which means that once you’re on the ground at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, the topic at hand is creating solutions and getting business done.

Invest in your future and get business done at WEC.

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