Event Marketing
This full-day workshop, presented in partnership with MPI, the Event Marketing Institute and Event Marketer magazine, will introduce you to the red-hot event marketing trend that is sweeping the meetings industry. Face to face marketing is one of the fastest growing and most powerful areas of marketing, yet many organizations miss the mark with understanding how to integrate live events and their marketing mix to create meaningful customer relationships that generate measurable business results.
This unique education track is exclusive to WEC and only  open to the first 150 registrants!
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Tuesday, 10:30-11:45
Breakout #1: Pursuing the New Careerscape with Purpose
Speakers: David Rich, Moderator with General Session panelists

Interact with David Rich and panelists from Tuesday’s general session to hear the real life stories of transitioning into event marketing in more detail than was explored in the general session.

David Rich
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The session panelists will offer an inside view into how they acquired the skills they use now and how they have affected their own career transitions. Panelists will also share their current and future concerns for their own career paths. David Rich will offer his insights from his career as well. 
Tuesday, 2:00-3:15
Breakout #2: Trends in Event Marketing
Speaker: Kerry Smith, Founder of Event Marketer Magazine and the Event Marketing Institute

In 2012, spending on event marketing will grow at double the pace of the U.S. economy. This means that marketers are expanding their event portfolios and looking for qualified and talented people to conceive, program, create and deliver face-to-face marketing programs that deliver real results. But making the jump from meetings to events requires an understanding of the business trends that are driving the continued growth of event marketing and the ways in which companies are (re)organizing their event portfolios. In many cases, these companies are evolving the very definition of an "event."

Kerry Smith
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The presenter, an expert in the trends shaping the meetings & events industry, will share key findings of current research on the subject. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the 40-page Event- Track 2012 report, a research project sponsored by the Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic.
Tuesday, 3:45-5
Breakout #3: Event Marketing Case Studies
Speakers: Annie Castellano and John Nickel

Get an in-depth look at creative and impactful event marketing programs from the people who created them. Attendees will hear about the strategies used by the experts, the tactics they employed and the results they achieved. Along the way, presenters will provide behind-the-scenes insights into what really made these programs tick and the challenges they faced to make the programs successful. This session offers the opportunity to "Create a New Connectivity"

Annie Castellano
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John Nickel
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with event marketing -- by taking a deep dive into successful programs and getting questions answered by the experts who do event marketing every day.

In this full-day workshop, you’ll learn:

WHY: Why event marketing is growing so quickly.
THE VOCABULARY: Get exposed to the top key words in event marketing.
TOP EVENT TRENDS: Discover the top 20 event marketing trends impacting professionals like you.
BEFORE, DURING, AFTER: Learn the best ways to maximize pre-event marketing, on-site communication and post-event engagement.
THE FUTURE OF MEETINGS: Take a deep look at how meetings will be created, produced and function in 10 years.
TOP CASE STUDIES: Deep dive into dozens of event case studies in action.
LATEST RESEARCH: You’ll receive a 2012 complimentary copy of the most comprehensive annual study of event marketing spending and activities ever fielded.