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1. What is the World Education Congress?

The World Education Congress is designed to teach meeting and event professionals to think outside the ballroom. More than 2,000 global meeting and event professionals join us every year to learn how to stop planning meetings and start designing transformative experiences that deliver return on investment dividends to all stakeholders and participants. WEC is produced by Meeting Professionals International, the largest, most diverse and influential association of its kind in the world.

2. Who attends the World Education Congress?

WEC is for meeting and event planners and sales professionals who want to know where the market is going, who care passionately about being prepared for new market challenges and who want to lead the charge in designing more intelligent, effective experiences that drive revenue, achieve organizational objectives and benefit host and participant communities. The WEC community has 10 to 20 years of industry experience, but welcomes cross-generational mentorship opportunities and the next generation of attendees to this fantastic, engaging community.

3. Why should I attend the World Education Congress?

WEC is the quickest, most efficient way you have to gain the education you need to get certified as a meeting professional, refresh your business contact list and gain important new friends and allies in the meetings and events industry. You won’t find the same content or education anywhere else, and each breakout session is filled with timely, actionable advice that you can apply to your work right now.

4. How do I convince my boss to send me to the World Education Congress?

We’ve put together a whole guide on how to convince your boss here, which includes an email/letter template.

5. Are there special travel deals to help get me to the World Education Congress?

Yes! In addition to special hotel rates, there are three different airlines offering special WEC deals. You can read about them here.

6. It’s my first time at WEC, how do I make the most of the experience?

Sign up for the Meeting Ambassador Program and we’ll connect you with a buddy and invite you to a pre-conference reception so you can make some friends before the event begins. On our recommended agendas page, design your own learning journey and be sure to attend the “WEC for Me” tour on the first day of WEC.

7. I’m a WEC veteran and would like to show newbies the ropes. How do I help?

Sign up for the Meeting Ambassador Program and we’ll connect you with a first-time attendee and invite you to a pre-conference reception so you can help them get their bearings before the festivities begin.

8. What should I pack?

Las Vegas in summer is hot, but because you’ll be indoors for educational sessions, be sure to pack business-casual layers (especially if air-conditioning makes you chilly) and comfortable walking shoes. For the parties, you can get a little fancy and pack dancing shoes. Casual dress is fine for CSR activities. Bring a couple of outfits that are appropriate for summer weather, as some receptions or activities may be outdoors. There is an indoor puppy cuddling area; so if you’re allergic to dogs but can’t resist loving on them, pack some Benadryl.

9. I love being social. What’s the conference hashtag?

We’re so glad you asked! It’s #WEC17 and you can find Meeting Professionals International on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat (@mpihq).

10. What do I get if I bundle MPI membership with my conference registration?

You get access to the world’s largest and most diverse community of meeting professionals: People who, like you, care passionately about this industry and moving it forward. On-demand education, local networking events and career counseling are other perks of MPI membership. Read more.

11. Is there really a puppy-cuddling area?

Yep. Love Dog Adventures brings trained therapy dogs to WEC and you’ll be able to interact with them at the Paws for a Break area throughout the conference. Reduce your stress levels by interacting with these therapeutic pooches and thank Visit Norfolk for sponsoring this special activity.

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