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CMP Study Groups

Participate in one of MPI's many chapter sponsored study groups to help prepare you for the CMP exam. MPI Chapters can add/change/alter the Study group listing by contacting the Chapter Business Manager. Information on this page is subject to change and the respective chapter should be contacted directly for final information about a study group.

Location Sponsoring
Dates Avg.
Fee Leader Phone
Online Greater NY contact for dates Yes Jill Adler 631-368-2082
Online Oregon contact for dates Yes Suzanne Hay 503-275-9634
Canada, Alberta Greater Calgary July 1-5 Yes Kate Cheney 403-244-7821
Canada, Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa contact for dates 1-5 Yes Claudia Urrutia 613-978-3935
Canada, Toronto, Ontario Toronto May - August 20-30 Yes Shannon Valeriote, CMP 905-567-9591
San Francisco, CA Northern California Jan 10 2015
Jun 13, 2015
11 classes; see class schedule
25 Yes Melissa Biele, CMP;
Josh Adams, CMP
Los Angeles, CA Southern California September 10 – November 19 6-10 Yes Libby Zarrahy
Haley Powers
San Diego, CA San Diego contact for dates 6-10 Yes Michelle Schneider
Terri Stevenson
Hartford, CT
Springfield, MA
Connecticut River Valley Jan 31 - May 2 6-10 Yes Amanda Whitehead 508-475-0450 X10503
Stamford, CT Westfield contact for dates 1-5 Yes Carolyn Browning, CMP 203-975-1447
Jacksonville, FL North Florida Feb 16 – May 4, 2017 10-15 Yes Bryan Ayer, CMP 904-791-4832
Orlando, FL Greater Orlando Study Group: November 18, 2015 – January 20, 2016
Exam Date: January 21 – 30, 2016
6-10 Yes Adrienne Six 407-363-5857
Atlanta, GA Georgia contact for dates 6-10 Yes Connie Bergeron
Gregg Lauer
Indianapolis, IN Indiana Apr - Jun
and Nov
6-10 Yes Deborah Brechtel 317-438-5381
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City, KS
Kansas City 2/1/16 (held every other week through April) 6-10 Yes Marilyn Cupples, CMP
Dan Veglahn, CMP
Freehold, NJ New Jersey contact for dates Joanne Joham, CMP CMM 732-851-6603
Albany, NY North Eastern New York Aug. -Oct.
Nov. exam date
1-5 Yes Steven Preston 518-524-1555
Columbus, OH Ohio Contact chapter for dates 11-15 Yes Adrian Cesa 614-219-3230
Hershey, PA Middle Pennsylvania Feb 5 10-15 No Jeanmarie Kline , CMP 717-979-6979
Pittsburg, PA inactive 1-5 Yes 724-938-4625
Harrisburg, PA
Lancaster, PA
contact for dates 1-5 No Lena Goodley 717-735-1649
Nashville, TN
Memphis and
East TN
Tennessee winter/spring session and summer/fall session – see chapter website for exact dates 2-6 No Carol Norfleet, CMP, DMCP 615-851-9190
Dallas, TX DFW Fall and Spring 8-10 Yes Charlene Edwards, CMP 214-458-1899
San Antonio, TX Texas Hill Country contact for dates 6-10 Yes Brenda Teichroeb, CMP 210-225-4535
ext. 114
Richmond, VA Virginia Jul 20-21, 2015
Nov 23-24, 2015
10-15 Yes Cee Rivas 561-243-3073
Washington, DC Metro Potomac contact for dates 11-15 Yes Robin D Roane, CTE, HMCCC, CMP 703-652-5372
UK, London UK and Ireland 23rd/24th November Hamish Reid
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Area Fall Session & Spring Session – See Website for Exact Dates 5-10 Yes Cameron Wicks, Ray Smith 610-344-7007 x326
Brentwood, MO St. Louis Area Contact for more information Nancy Herron, CMP 314-982-3210
Orange, CA Orange County Starts October 6th, Contact for dates 6-10 Yes Deanne Figueras, CMP 909-212-6025