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Meeting Professionals International is recognized for providing premier education and professional development opportunities to its members and the meeting and event industry at large. MPI is excited to bring this educational program to those that are not necessarily a full-time meeting professional but who still have a need to gain the skill set for occasional oversight of meetings or events.

Have you just been tasked with running the leadership conference at your job? Did you just get assigned to manage a new training event within your organization? Or, have you been planning board meetings for a few years but want to be sure you are keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology? This program will provide a quick and easy plan for your meeting and event needs, or it will improve your existing skills.

Plan Your Meetings

MPI has partnered with Plan Your Meetings to bring you Basics Boot Camp: Meeting Fundamentals to develop this program. Plan Your Meetings is the leading expert in providing education and networking assistance to those just starting out. Everything they do is designed to educate, empower and inspire you.

Basics Boot Camp is divided into two parts: Strategy and Sourcing and Design and Logistics. When presented separately, each segment is three hours; together they are six hours in length.

Some pre-work (light reading) is required for this class and will be emailed to participants.


"'Planner' isn’t part of my title, but I plan meetings of fewer than 100 people. My boss suggested I sign up for this program, and I was afraid it might be too basic, but it wasn’t at all. I loved the contracting and RFP part of it. I enjoyed learning how to define my meeting and set S.M.A.R.T. objectives, too. I don’t have a lot of communication with the meeting stakeholders when they’re setting goals. But I want to be more involved now.

After 17 years in the meetings industry, there are still things that I haven’t touched, like speaker and transportation management, so I was looking forward to learning more about that, and it was covered very well.

I’m glad I came. I want to advance in my career and taking this meeting fundamentals boot camp was a great first step. I plan to continue my studies and eventually become a certified meeting professional."

---Sandy Palma, Lennox

Part 1 (Sourcing & Strategy)

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define meeting goals and SMART objectives
  • Identify meeting stakeholders
  • Develop a meeting budget
  • Create a meeting blueprint
  • Manage the RFP (request for proposal) process
  • Conduct site inspections
  • Assess potential risks
  • Select vendors
  • Develop contracts

Course overview Part 1:
  • Module 1: Define Your Meeting
  • Module 2: Create a Blueprint
  • Module 3: Develop the Budget
  • Module 4: Prepare the Request for Proposal
  • Module 5: Site Inspections
  • Module 6: Vendor Selection
  • Module 7: Contracts

Part 2 (Design & Logistics)

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand how elements of meeting design help you achieve meeting goals and SMART objectives
  • Manage speakers and conference content design
  • Design room sets
  • Plan menus
  • Work with audiovisual teams
  • Design a technical plan
  • Arrange transportation and attendee movement plans
  • Oversee pre-con/post-con meetings and onsite logistics
  • Conduct program evaluations
  • Communicate success metrics to meeting stakeholders

Course overview Part 2:
  • Module 1: Design Your Meeting
  • Module 2: Program Content
  • Module 3: Manage Speakers
  • Module 4: Plan Food and Beverage
  • Module 5: Manage Audiovisual and Event Technology
  • Module 6: Arrange Transportation
  • Module 7: Supervise Onsite and Post-Event Activities

Participants of this course receive:
  • Full program: 6 clock hours in CMP-IS Strategic Domain A: Strategic Planning or Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
  • If taken in two parts, each part is worth 3 clock hours in Strategic Domain A: Strategic Planning (Part 1) or Domain G: Meeting or Event Design (Part 2)
  • Certificate in Meeting Fundamentals (upon completion of parts 1 and 2) or in the part’s area of focus

Basics Boot Camp Upcoming events

Basics Boot Camp: Meeting Fundamentals Part 1 & 2
June 19: 2017 World Education Congress

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NV
Monday, June 19
9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

$499 MPI Members/WEC Conference Attendees
$699 Non-Members/Non-Conference Attendees