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HMCC Overview

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is recognized for providing premier education and professional development opportunities to its members and the meeting and event industry at large. Now MPI is proud to bring this commitment to the Life Science meeting segment of our industry by offering the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate (HMCC).

The HMCC course is designed for those who need a broader understanding of a full range of healthcare regulatory topics. It is a perfect fit for those who are involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend as well as those suppliers who provide services and products to the healthcare industry and the condensed class format of the HMCC makes it easier for busy professionals to fit training into their schedules. 

Cross-border healthcare compliance continues to be a complex and confusing issue for medical meeting professionals.  Global compliance regulations, codes, laws and mandates differ from country to country causing time-consuming searches and validation for reporting.  The HMCC tackles the difficult topic and offers tips and solutions for destination searches and solutions.  Seventy percent (70%)  of medical meetings are expected to be held in compliance regulated destinations in 2016 so it is imperative to understand sourcing and international reporting.

The HMCC course examines the fundamental information on healthcare compliance regulations, laws and techniques for managing healthcare meetings. An effective meeting and business event professional must understand several aspects of conformity of information in order to identify and report the nature and type of payments made to “covered recipients”. In addition, the class will examine the interaction between manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical device, biologics and medical products, physicians and those who are responsible for planning medical meetings and conferences.

My Compliance Wizard

My Compliance Wizard (The Wizard) is a global healthcare compliance and regulation tool for healthcare meeting and event professionals. Created specifically for event professionals who need to navigate the ever-changing cross-border compliance regulations, the Wizard is the easiest way to look up a country or state and immediately be in touch with local planning information and the latest codes of compliance for healthcare meeting and event professionals. Find out more .

Seal of Endorsement

The Seal of Endorsement indicates that someone has successfully completed the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate program. It is valid for two years, requiring a refresher to maintain. As long as Certificate recipients are in good standing with the Compliance Certificate, they are entitled to use the HMCC Seal of Endorsement name, identity and logo on their website and/or business stationery.

HMCC Refresher Course

MPI requires all current HMCC holders to attend a refresh webinar at the two-year anniversary of their class date.

The HMCC Refresher course was developed to keep our Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate recipients abreast of constantly changing healthcare meeting compliance regulations, cross-border compliance, CMS Open Payments changes and updates, the EFPIA Disclosure Code, and other healthcare trends.  Prerequisites for certificate extension are: 

1. Must attend the required webinar in the notification period sent to you by MPI
2. Must validate current contact information
3. Must register and make payment fees to MPI

The cost for the HMCC refresher course is $149.00 per person.

Register for an upcoming online HMCC refresher course.

Private Training Solutions

Would you love to have the meeting and event professional development experts come to your location and deliver our world-class education to your employees? MPI Academy can offer any training or certificate program from our catalog (link to the PD catalog) in a private session at your location. Industry-specific education provides a great way to invest in your employees and gain tangible results such as increased employee engagement, improved productivity and higher retention.

 Reduce the time your staff or chapter members are away from the office through this valuable opportunity. All of our programs are developed and taught by industry experts with adult learning expertise. We also offer the option to source a venue for your private session.

 Contact mpiacademy@mpiweb.org for more information or scheduling assistance.

Program Dates

Often the HMCC Programs are offered in conjunction with other industry events. Below find upcoming program dates and information:

On demand

Take this class now online

September 6, 2016

HSMAI MEET National 2016 Conference
Washington, DC

 12:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 
$399.00 MPI/HSMAI Member Conference Attendee
$499.00 Non MPI/HSMAI Member Conference Attendee
$599.00 MPI/HSMAI Member Non-Conference Attendee
$699.00 Non-Conference Attendee, Non-MPI/HSMAI Member

October 17, 2016

IMEX America 2016
Las Vegas, NV

1:00 - 5:00 pm Pacific Time (PT) 
$599.00 Standard Rate

November 3, 2016

ExL Events - Pharmaceutical  Meeting Professionals Summit  
Philadelphia, PA

3:15 - 7:15 pm Eastern Standard Time (ET) 
$399.00 Conference Attendee/MPI Member
$599.00 Non-Conference Attendee/MPI Member
$499.00 Conference Attendee/Non-MPI Member
$699.00 Non-Conference Attendee/Non-MPI Member

November 5, 2016

SITE Global Conference
Panama, Panama

8:30 am - 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 
$599.00 MPI/SITE Member
$699.00 Non Member

November 9, 2016

PYM Live
Houston, TX

2:00 - 6:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST) 
$599.00 Conference Attendee
$699.00 Non-Conference Attendee


Check out MPI Foundation scholarships available for this program.