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Andrea Driessen

Andrea Driessen
is chief boredom buster for No More Boring Meetings based in Seattle, Washington. Driessen has been busting boredom and building engagement in events for more than 20 years.

Current Column
Top Trends on the Horizon

When you think about the future of meetings, what word or emotion comes to mind? I, for one, am energized. In fact, that’s the first of four trends I see on the meeting horizon.

Energized. Brain science and meeting design a... >>

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Yvonne Nassar

Yvonne Nassar
is head of marketing & innovation at Amsterdam RAI, the international convention centre in The Netherlands. Based in the U.K. and Paris for several years, she was responsible for marketing and PR in Europe for Dolce Hotels & Resorts.

Current Column
The Duality of Your Meetings

The meetings and events industry is rapidly developing as today’s delegates and visitors mainly come from Generation X and increasingly from Generation Y. What do we know about these generations and their meeting and event expectations?

At... >>

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Meet Your New Visitors
Tim Sanders
is a keynote speaker and a New York Timesbest-selling author. His recent book, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power Of Total Confidence, defines wealth in terms of confidence. Visit him at www.TimSanders.com.

Current Column
5 Tips for Great Giving

In his debut book, Give and Take, author and Wharton school professor Adam Grant argues that the most successful people in the world give often, with no expectation of getting anything in return. He illustrates this with countless example... >>

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Douglas Rushkoff

speaks and writes about communication, values, culture and organizations. His latest book is Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age. He can be contacted via www.rushkoff.com.

Current Column
The Enduring Value of Meetings

After four years of writing for this magazine every month, I’m moving on. No, I’m not retiring, but—like the other regular columnists here—will be shifting from a piece timed to each issue of the magazine to a more freestyle approach. That should ... >>

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Jackie Mulligan

Jackie Mulligan
is a Principal Lecturer at Leeds Met with a faculty wide role in supporting business development activity. Jackie teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in marketing, fundraising and sponsorship, entrepreneurship and themed events. Jackie has worked for 15 years in the events, festival, tourism and arts sectors.

Current Column
The Right Ingredients

Since retiring, my mother has renewed efforts that began when I was a pre-schooler: to domesticate me. She recently introduced me to Bettys Cookery School, a chain of café and bakery establishments across Yorkshire that serve afternoon teas with 1... >>

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Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson
is the Chief Sustainability Strategist for Meeting Change. She is an experienced hospitality and meetings industry practitioner with a specialization in sustainability and a love of innovation and lifelong learning.

Current Column
The Six C's of Sustainable Success

Event professionals are conditioned to organize corporate social responsibility using the familiar “triple bottom line” or possibly the nine APEX categories and their impact on energy, waste and water. There are other ways of describing the comple... >>

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  Dawn Rasmussen, CMP 
is the president of Pathfinder Writing and Careers, which specializes in meeting industry career management. She has been a meeting planner for more than 15 years and an MPI member since 2001.
Current Column
School’s Out, Professional Development’s In

I remember my last day of college. I walked outside the building that housed my final, final exam, stepped into the sun and felt release and freedom. My whole life up to that point had focused on one thing—learning. My first reaction: Yay! I ... >>

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Jonathan Bradshaw
is an industry innovator who speaks, writes and consults on maximizing attendee performance at meetings. His work with behavioural psychologists, coupled with his experience in extreme sports performance, has led him to launch two innovative brands—Meetings Mindset® and the Meetology® Research Institute. He can be contacted at jon@meetingsmindset.com.

Current Column
Haven’t We Been Here Before?

Ken was obviously immune to how he was coming across. Undeniably knowledgeable and passionate about IT services, this rookie sales rep simply didn’t have an “off” button, and he was oblivious to the sideways glances that I shared with my two…wait…... >>

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Deborah Gardner, CMP
is a competitive performance expert who challenges companies, organizations and individuals to think and act. She is a past president of the MPI Arizona Sunbelt Chapter and a member of the National Speakers Association. Visit www.DeborahGardner.com

Current Column

Failure is a universal experience—as inevitable as death and taxes. Virtually everyone is interested in the subject, whether they are conscious of it or not. Some people want to learn from it and avoid the mistakes of others. Some people simply en... >>

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Chris Brogan
is president of Human business works, an education and tools company for small businesses. He is the co-author of New York Times bestseller Trust Agents, and he blogs at Chrisbrogan.com. Email him at linkedin@chrisbrogan.com. 

Current Column
Our Futures in Infotainment


You can tell me that Hannibal marched his army up and over the Pyrenees ... >>

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Katja Morgenstern, CMP
is a senior project manager for Meeting Consultants Inc. and an expert in meeting industry food and beverage trends. She is an active MPI member and industry speaker. She can be reached at kmorgenstern@meetingconsultants.com.
Current Column
Meals on Wheels


But they’re not a new concept; in fact, food trucks have been servicing many major metropolitan cities for more than a decade. They provide simple, quick meals without... >>

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Dr. Graeme Codrington 
is an author, keynote presenter, facilitator and expert on the new world of work. He is founder and director of TomorrowToday, a global consulting firm based in London and Johannesburg. He can be contacted at graeme@tomorrowtoday.uk.com
Current Column
Conferences Need More Power (and Connectivity)

I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that we know technology is—and will remain—a major driving force for change in the world. Especially in the world of work, technology is going to shape and reshape our lives in the decade ahead. ... >>

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Steve Kemble
has been the magic behind countless international events for more than 20 years, from celebrating NFL players' accomplishments to organizing parties for two presidents. Follow him at
www.adoseofsass.com or on Twitter @stevekemblechat.
Current Column
The Importance of Plan B

IF THERE WAS ANYTHING THAT I LEARNED REGARDING THE GULF OIL SPILL, IT WAS THE OVERWHELMING IMPORTANCE OF A BACKUP PLAN. Watching the oil gush for more than 80 days, I kept saying to myself, “Was there really no plan?”

... >>

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