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State of the Industry

by Michael Pinchera | Jul 08, 2015
Candid thoughts from a wide spectrum of meeting and event professionals on where we are and the direction in which we need to go.

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This is a people industry. The value of peer-to-peer education is incredible. The value of a mentor is invaluable. But even 40-year meeting industry veterans can learn from picking the brains of those less experienced.

That’s why for “The State of the Industry” I reached out to dozens of meeting pros (planner and supplier, association and corporate, student and faculty) to share their insights and opinions about challenges both perennial and new, social developments, changes to the business landscape, issues that aren’t being discussed (but really need to be), the future of the industry and more.

The resulting collection includes feedback from 15 of your professional colleagues and it’s a great opportunity to get into their heads and hopefully promote conversations that matter.

If you want honest opinions, sometimes all you need to do is ask. I didn’t write this “The State of the Industry”; I molded it. The meeting professionals who shared their thoughts with me each wrote a piece of this—despite lofty ideals, a traditional long-form narrative wouldn’t have been possible for this endeavor, given space and time parameters. As a result, you get their words directly—well, roughly one-quarter of the insight provided—rather than text translated by my editorial Babel fish.

The frankness of people in this industry is refreshing but never surprising. Some of the simplest questions asked provoked answers you’d never hear in a “yes man” organization or industry. Such candor in life and business is essential for meaningful progress to occur—pretty impressive when you consider that a once-every-65-million-years asteroid impact is one of the few other ways to induce real change.

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