Meetings Go Sci-Fi

Jan 14, 2013

Meeting professionals may think that avatars, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are still the stuff of sci-fi fan fiction, but these technologies could soon revolutionize meetings and save organizations from being the latest casualty of global economic crisis. How can you prepare for this certain future? Try these quick hits from MPI's newest future of meetings report on technology.

  • Even with the advent of telepresence and virtual simulation, there will always be a need for face-to-face meetings. But technology will change how those meetings are conducted and delivered. 
  • Augmented reality (AR) will transform face-to-face meeting spaces into portals to information, in the short-term through mobile devices and in the long-term through specialized display glasses. 
  • Targeted audio will provide a multitude of simultaneous audio sources to different physical locations in a meeting space, thereby enabling meetings to convey auditory information in different spaces.  
  • Networked mobile devices will replace the use of laptop computers, providing all the material related to a meeting and replacing the need for paper. In addition, they will serve as communication portals, allowing for delegate feed back. They will provide location-aware context and personalized information to users.
  • Hybrid meetings will benefit from technologies that automate the process of translating face-to-face meeting activities into online representations (computer vision, speech and voice recognition). These technologies will be used to create a representation of the physical meeting in a virtual space for distance participants. Progress in bandwidth and usability will make hybrid meetings more commonplace in the future.

Want more? Find out how computer vision, ambient intelligence, speech recognition and artificial intelligence—even robotics—will affect your meetings in the next 10 to 20 years in the paper "Technology: Why Invest and What's Next?" here.

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