7 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning

Apr 05, 2012

Professional development? Not in the sense that you're needing to watch a webinar on the topic, no. But, if you're a working parent as I am, nothing beats a "tips" list that helps you have a stress-free morning before heading off to work. As all working parents will tell you, a stress-filled morning often translates into a stress-filled rest of your day.

One of my favorite bloggers today is Gretchen Rubin, a guru on happiness and someone we profiled in One+ back in Jan. 2009. I've been following Rubin's The Happiness Project with great anticipation every week since.

Today's post struck me as something that should be shared with you—especially those of you with young children at home who maybe need a few tips on how to de-stress your mornings. I hope Rubin's blog "7 Tips for Keeping School-Day Mornings Bright and Cheerful" will give you as much inspiration for tomorrow morning as it gave me. Enjoy!

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