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Unemployment Membership Extension

Additional Six Months for Only $99 USD/CAD or €99.

MPI offers a six-month extension for members who are unemployed and up for renewal. This keeps you connected to your profession by providing critical access to the meeting and event industry. If you remain unemployed after the complimentary six month period, you can extend your membership for another six months for just $99 USD/CAD or €99. This offer is only valid for Planner or Supplier members up for renewal.

If you are unemployed and up for renewal, please call the Member Engagement Team at 972-702-3053 or you can use this form to fax or mail your request: Unemployment Form

Reward Programs

Starwood Hotels
As of 3/23/2017 MPI will no longer accept Starwood Certificates for Membership Dues.

Students in Transition
Students in Transition, a new program for members in first 3 years of their careers following graduation is available. Keeping the connection to the MPI community is very important for post-graduates. MPI offers a 50% savings over the regular membership rate in the first three years of starting your career after graduation.

Retired Membership
Members who have maintained five or more years of active membership who enter into full time retirement status can request, in writing, a discounted membership fee. All previous benefits apply. Annual membership fee is $100 USD/EUR.

Lifetime Membership
Those members who are fully retired from the work force and have maintained twenty consecutive years of MPI Membership can request, in writing, to be considered a Lifetime Member of MPI. All previous benefits apply. The individual must demonstrate his/her commitment to the meeting or event industry and have the support of the local chapter. The following documents need to be submitted to MPI Global; letter from member, letter from local chapter leadership. MPI Global will then verify accuracy of all accomplishments and submit a formal proposal to the International Board of Directors for consideration. Please allow three to four months for consideration. If granted, the member will receive complimentary membership annually.

Natural Disaster Aid
For members and communities impacted by natural disasters, MPI will waive membership dues of impacted members for one full year. Additionally, MPI will further support the affected chapters by continuing to fund the rebate for those members who apply and are approved for the hardship membership. Please contact MPI’s Member Care Center for more information.

The MPI Foundation is supporting our community through increasing the number of
scholarships it is awarding. Members can seek tuition assistance or apply for scholarships to MPI programs and events, such as World Education Congress or one of the MPI Global Training programs. Scholarships are also available to attain CMP or CMM certifications.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact MPI’s Member Services Team.