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The newest installment of MPI’s quarterly special report, Meetings Outlook™, predicts continued growth in virtual and hybrid meetings and slight shifts in budgets while reporting on the overall health of the meeting and event industry.

About Meetings Outlook

Meetings Outlook is future-focused data, which will help you identify new trends and innovations on the horizon—allowing you to budget and plan accordingly and ensuring you have a strong foundation for building sound strategies and keeping your business on the path to success.

Our first edition was released in February 2014.

Many of our members wanted to do more than just use the research; they wanted to participate in it as well. We have created a formula that will allow all MPI members to participate in the Meetings Outlook survey on a rotating quarterly basis—each member will receive a survey once per year asking their opinions on the future of the meeting and event industry.

Our research team studies the survey data from our member panel and sets the tone for the key focus of each edition, and our publications team then develops the editorial angles and creates a narrative that is rich and robust. As a quarterly, Meetings Outlook can detect changes in in the environment because of such a wide audience. Sometimes it does take time to see the trends taking shape, but the report is able to more quickly detect those trends.

Meetings Outlook evolved from the bi-monthly Business Barometer. In keeping with the redesign of our member magazine, a key emphasis was to humanize the story through our members’ voices. The content has a greater sense of urgency, information in real time with real voices.

We hope you enjoy reading Meetings Outlook.

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