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The Strategic Value of Virtual Meetings and Events

A How-To Guide For Virtual events and meetings

The virtual event is still in its infancy; it's a child of the new millennium. MPI is proud to introduce new resources that will help you break into the virtual space. Based from research supported by the MPI Foundation and Maxvantage, we've fashioned a how-to guide and a report on the lessons learned, highlighting key action items for you to take away and create your own virtual strategy. Two case studies are also now available as well, to give you a real-life look at strategy in practice.

A How-To Guide for Virtual Events and Meetings - Download
Note: This tool is best suited for organizations that already have some familiarity and experience with virtual events.

  • Discover the steps to getting started and what costs your business case should target.
  • Find out how to establish a strategy.
  • See the criteria for choosing a format, a list of current vendors and the right questions to ask.
  • Learn how to establish a measurement system and consider the different metrics.
From the Research: Lessons Learned - Download

Case Studies and Research

Case Study
Meeting the IKEA Way

Case Study
IBM's Virtual Event Center

The Research
Report: The Strategic Value of Virtual Events