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EMEC 2016: 5 Questions with Karolina Widawska

Feb 08, 2016
By Rich Luna

Karolina Widawska knew from about the time she was five years old that she wanted to be a meeting planner.

“I would pretend that I was manager of the Spice Girls,” said Widawska, MPI Poland Chapter. “Everything in life is connected to events.”

Widawska is well on her to way to establishing her career in the meeting and event industry. While she is currently studying law and administration at Silesia University in Katowice, Poland—she previously studied sociology at Jagiellonian University in Krakow—she also works as a meeting planner for Business Service GALOP, which organizes meetings and events for medical and scientific associations.

This week, she participated in the the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum at the European Meetings & Events Conference (EMEC) in Copenhagen. She was one of three finalists in the International University Challenge and her presentation, “Through the Looking Glass … The Future of Education Congress,” was deemed the best by a three-judge panel.

Each of the students was required to organize an event, from all logistics and speakers to costs and return on investment.

Were you surprised your project was selected as the best presentation?

Oh, very much so. It helped my self confidence. When I prepared it, I felt comfortable, but I thought everyone else’s would be better than mine. But you have to trust in yourself and be confident and believe in what you’re doing. I was so surprised to win…I’m still shaking.

What did you learn by participating in the Future Leaders Forum?

There was so much. The education. The peer-to-peer sharing. Understanding more about leadership. The focus on personal abilities. It was very complete and it was a fun and educational session. I enjoyed getting to know everyone in there.

What’s the best advice you were ever given?
To do something not connected with education—so I do a lot of volunteer work. It has really helped broaden my life experience.

What advice would you give?

If you want to be found, you have to find opportunities. There are so many opportunities out there and they’re all so different. Finding opportunity is important. Don’t wait for it.

What do you for fun?
Dancing is my passion. I used to be a professional ballroom dancer. I love dancing. It energizes me and makes me feel alive. I would also say I love singing, but I really can’t sing at all!

To see Widawska’s project, go to

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