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Beer and Food Pairing Session Draws Large Attendance

One shouldn’t be surprised that a session called “A Beer and Food Pairing Adventure” reached room capacity. The session, offered on Sunday after a long day of education and networking, was something many attendees were looking forward to, since the U.S. is in the midst of a craft beer revolution, and beer and food pairing events have never been more popular.

The world of beer provides a wider range of flavor and diversity of ingredients than wine, and this complexity was celebrated as Mandalay Bay’s Sarah Johnson, a certified cicerone, guided participants in the fundamentals of beer and food pairing interactions. 

“Beer is not just for mowing lawns,” Johnson said, as she led a hands-on exploration of flavor and texture and encouraged participants to concentrate on a beer’s appearance, aroma and taste. 

“I really enjoyed learning about the different levels of beer,” said MPI At Large member Eli Gorin, CMM, CMP, vice president of global client relations for ABTS Convention Services. “The whole session was tasty, yummy goodness.” 

(Image: Orange Photography)

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