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Prepping for #EMEC17 with the Event Model Canvas

Jul 19, 2016

By Kristi Casey Sanders, DES

How do you begin your strategic meetings management process? MPI's European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) event leads used the Event Model Canvas. Last month, they met up in Granada, Spain with the host destination committee for an initial planning session facilitated by Event Model Generation co-founder Ruud Janssen.

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"It was so fitting that we were using it as the tool because it was born out of EMEC," says Andrew Walker, CMP, MPI's Manager of Events.

At EMEC 2013, Alexander Osterwalder’s keynote about the "business model canvas" inspired Janssen and colleague Roel Frissen to see how it applied to the events industry. At a subsequent EMEC, Janssen and Frissen workshopped their idea. The Event Model Canvas now forms the basis of an Event Design Certificate course.

Walker says the host committee and the MPI events team approached the Event Model Canvas with two assumptions:

  1. Great events change behavior.
  2. They also satisfy more than one stakeholder.

Then they identified the three main stakeholders of EMEC 2017:

  1. The host committee and destination
  2. Sponsors
  3. Attendees, including MPI members and non-members

The team explored what would make EMEC a success for each stakeholder. They asked themselves: How can we be true partners and fulfill the needs of our host destination? How do we satisfy the different kinds of attendees that come to EMEC? How do we encourage MPI members who have never come to attend? How do we convince people who’ve never been to attend? And how do we prove the value of sponsorship.

The Event Model Canvas helped them examine the different elements to figure out the desired behavior or outcomes for each stakeholder groups, Walker says. "That's the foundation to now move forward."

Want to learn how to apply the Event Model Canvas to your meetings or events? The MPI Academy is offering a three-day Event Design Certificate course at the University of San Diego Aug. 15-17 and at the University of Amsterdam Aug. 25-27, 2016. Learn more here.


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