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Today's business climate has created a challenging environment for all of us and it is now more critical than ever for all of us to play an active role in creating awareness of the business value of meetings and events.

2012 Business Journal-Meet Your Business Success As an industry-wide show of solidarity for everyone in the meeting and event community, it is up to us to educate everyone—from our friends, family and neighbors to our nation's business leaders from Main Street to Wall Street and our political leaders at both the state and federal level. Since the GSA scandal broke on April 25, Congress has moved swiftly to draft legislation that would strictly limit the spending by government agencies for the purposes of holding future conferences and events—legislation that would create a major setback for our industry and ultimately the global economy.

We, at MPI, are especially concerned that potential ripple effects of this legislation could be felt by all MPI members—not just those in the government sector. It is because of this that MPI has been working closely with other industry associations, as well as the US Travel Association, to inform and educate legislators of the potential impact, unintended or otherwise, that this legislation will have on the US economy (and ultimately the global economy) if signed into law.

You can stand up in support of the meeting and event industry's effort by 1) sending your own letter to Congress; 2) reading the proposed legislation; 3) preparing yourself for future discussions on the positive impacts meetings and events have on business; 4) using the information below to help spread the message that meetings and events mean business. You can do these things and more right from this page.

Be in the Know. Keep Yourself Educated.

Read the details of the proposed legislation

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Send your own letter to Congress
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Need help crafting your story? Utilize these additional resources for guidance.

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