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Re-introducing your
MPI member magazine.
Re-imagined by you.

     Meeting Professionals International’s member magazine began in 1980 as The Meeting Manager, and in 1997 transformed to The Meeting Professional because our members told us “we do more than just manage meetings, we are meeting professionals.”
     In 2008, we changed our name to One+, but the name didn’t resonate—and in a member-driven publication, that’s a big issue.
     How do we know it didn’t resonate? We asked—and we listened.
     Our team spent the past year traveling the globe meeting face to face with members. We asked about how we could improve, and we had some great conversations. We took detailed notes, returned with a clear direction and began the re-imagination of MPI’s member magazine.
     For starters, we’re returning to our roots with the name The Meeting Professional ®. A name is ultimately just that, though, so we took it a step further. We will introduce an MPI member on the cover of every issue, and you’ll notice many other new sections throughout The Meeting Professional ® that feature our members, what they do, and how they are transforming so many aspects of life around the world.
     You’ll notice a cleaner design with more white space, reminiscent of a consumer magazine, and shorter stories that are easily read on-the-go—still focusing on the key issues important to our members.
MPI members deserve a magazine that shares best practices each month giving them ideas for building a better future both personally and professionally.
     Welcome to MPI’s new member magazine. Welcome to The Meeting Professional ®.

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