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Android/Person of the Year

The concept of considering, much less actually voting upon a "person of the year" for a mobile phone operating system sounds absurd. Not the case with Android--the community-empowered upstart that has, in two years of existence, become the dominant mobile operating system in North America and is on track to take the world very soon.

It is the community behind Android which legitimizes the discussion of a person of the year. Androinica has a poll set to identify the 2010 Android Person of the Year--quite different than the Android of the Year--but the choice is clear for me.

I met Androinica's Andrew Kameka at the Big Android BBQ in October--the greatest gathering of the community to date--which is also where I met Steve Kondik. Kondik (aka Cyanogen) has been perhaps the most influential unpaid OS developer for the Android community. He's got an immensely strong team of developers, too, but as an individual Android POTY, he clearly takes the cake.

Check out our profile of Kondik in the Nov/Dec issue of One+!

Conversation (2)
  • Droid Guy December 29, 2010

    Sorry but Andrew wasn't at the BBQ

  • Droid Guy December 29, 2010

    oh wait yes he was! it was CTIA he skipped


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