• NY Public Library Celebrates 100th

    The New York Public Library (NYPL) celebrates the 100th anniversary of its Stephen A. Schwarzman Building with a weekend-long Centennial Festival May 20–22 including a gala and other events. The NYPL is a great place to "book" events and all event fees help to support the Library’s collections, services, and programs.

    As a side note, the library didn't want to forget their famous lion sculptures out front, so they commissioned artist Nathan Sawaya to create an homage to them in Legos. Read a bit about their history here.

  • New Pubs on the Block


    Terribly daft.

    How would you describe a proposed plan to renovate and re-open 26 shuttered London subway stations as pubs and special event venues?

    Ajit Chambers sees such closed chambers (pun intended) as pure opportunity; Transport for London points out that some of the stations are adjacent to currently operating rail lines, which could significantly impair secondary usage.

    The Independent highlights five stations that may once again feel the breath of life. Take special note if you're to be planning unique events in London.

    As long as they're safe and acoustically insulated sufficiently, I'd jump at the chance to participate at an event in these truly unique spots.

  • First GLBT Museum Opens in U.S.

    The GLBT History Museum opens today in San Francisco, California. A project of the GLBT Historical Society, an archives and research center established in 1985, the new museum will be the first of its kind in the United States—and only the second in the world—the Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany, being the first. 

    “A quarter century after the founding of the GLBT Historical Society, we’re proud to open a museum to showcase our community’s history,” said Paul Boneberg, executive director of the Historical Society. “The GLBT History Museum is in the heart of the Castro, a neighborhood visited not only by locals, but also by tens of thousands of tourists every year who come in search of queer culture. At our museum, they’ll discover treasures from our archives that reflect fascinating stories spanning nearly a century of GLBT life. We have gone all out to create a museum as rich, diverse and surprising as the GLBT community itself. Whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or straight, visitors are sure to be moved, enlightened and entertained.”

    Located at 4127 18th St., the museum includes 1,600 square feet of gallery and program space and will feature two debut exhibitions: In the main gallery, "Our Vast Queer Past: Celebrating GLBT History;" and in the front gallery, "Great Collections of the GLBT Historical Society Archives."

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