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Meeting and Business Event Competency Standards

Welcome to the future of the meeting industry. For decades, we have been asking for a metrics by which to measure our worth, a criteria to inform our curricula, our conference content and our certifications. Now it’s here. A product of several international boards, governmental bodies, task forces and (of course) MPI, the Meeting and Business Event Competency Standards provides something the industry has long been lacking—a detailed catalogue of the skills needed to be a meeting professional.

The digest contains 12 major categories (strategic planning, event design, site management) and 33 individual skills (develop mission and goals, engage speakers, design site layout)—which are, in turn, informed by sub-skills. The entirety comprises some 100-odd pages that define the core of the meeting industry—and finally give professionals across the globe a shared set of career standards.

The Convention Industry Council, which is currently revising its industry-recognized CMP exam, is already moving to incorporate the competency standards into the test’s final version early next year. (A newly international edition of the CMP will debut at WEC). Meanwhile, a faculty group funded by the MPI Foundation is developing an MBECS-based curriculum guide for two-, three- and four-year programs to be released later this year. And if you’re thinking that this document won’t affect you and your career, you’re mistaken.

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