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Live events connect people, inspire ideas and propel society forward. Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, and we’re committed to providing the best education, experiences and relationships to help you produce the best meetings and events.



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MPI's strength is its people, and we make it easy to connect. Find your next job opportunity, vendor, mentor, or new hire. 

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Career-enhancing education.

The MPI Academy offers education and certificate programs that enhance critical job skills.

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Your local MPI chapter gives you opportunities to advance, grow and lead in ways that your job might not provide.



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Enhance your meeting planning career with the MPI Academy.

With hundreds of hours of free education for MPI members, the MPI Academy is your one-stop shop for meeting planning and event industry skills training, CE credits and certificate courses. Featuring online and in-person classes and webinars, it's the perfect resource for the job you have - or the job you want.



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Oct 25-31 2018 | Caribbean
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Jul 19 2018 | Denver, CO
Aug 16 2018 | New York, NY
Aug 22-24 2018 | Pointe Verdra Beach, FL
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Nov 4-7 2018 | Riviera Maya, Mexico


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Nathan Honeycutt

“MPI has had a huge impact on my career. It has given me the opportunity to network with my colleagues in different aspects of the industry, and I have created relationships that aid in having better meetings.”
Reese Lee
MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter

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