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Creating a Winning Strategy When It Comes to Wellness

IMEXA Wellness blog 10_8_17

Wellness can sometimes be an afterthought during an event, whether you’re working long hours or sitting in the audience and thinking about making it to the next session.

During Smart Monday, learn how to not only incorporate wellness into events, but work in a CSR initiative to make it a complete experience for your audience during the session "Wellness and CSR in Events – 30+ ideas for Creating a Win for Everyone!"

In addition, wellness professionals offer the following tips on how to take care of yourself on the job or during a long, educational week at IMEX America:

Stay Fueled, Stay Focused: “Try and keep healthy options available for long days or when you need a pick me up. I always keep protein bars and oatmeal in my desk just in case. When I am on the road I bring a bag of raw nuts and dried fruit since they provide the perfect combination of protein and fat.” - Ryan Gilmore, director of spa & fitness at Hilton Orlando

Use Your Own Body Weight for a Workout: “This addresses two big parameters of fitness for compliance; safety and accessibility. These workouts can be done almost anywhere and go back to an ‘old school’ way of training. When you’re in your hotel room, clear out some space on the floor and spend 10-15 minutes doing pushups, burpees, squats, lunges and dips mixed in with jump roping.” - Craig Cristello, exercise physiologist at Well & Being at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Breathing Exercises: “When you are really overwhelmed and stressed out it helps to place your hand over your heart or over your solar plexus and be calm. This power of touch helps reconnect you to yourself and remind you of the importance of stillness.” - Emily Heim, intentional living specialist at The Spa at Red Rock by Well & Being

Hydrate!: “Drinking too much coffee and alcohol without enough water and can dry out the skin and cause wrinkled skin. For every cup of ‘joe’ and every mojito you enjoy on the road, be sure to balance it with a glass of H20!” - Alina Cimpoeru, lead esthetician at The Guerlain Spa at The Plaza Hotel

Refresh Your Skin: “Hydrating sheet masks on planes may be a bit terrifying to fellow passengers, but they are skin saviors for travel dehydration. I also carry face spritzers with me everywhere. My current favorite is the Naturopathica’s Rose Geranium mist—it’s a great makeup refresher and the hydration keeps my skin dewy.” - Sharla Martin, spa director at Windsor Court Hotel Spa

Have a Mindful Commute: “Project yourself forward to the end of your morning, end of a meeting or the whole day. Ask yourself, ‘How do I want to feel?’ and set a positive intention that will help you achieve this feeling. To achieve positive thinking while commuting, recite uplifting mantras, such as: ‘Today, I will choose to be generous and kind,’ ‘I will breathe deeply and connect to compassion before I enter the room,’ or ‘Today I will say less to understand more.” - Laura Coburn, director of serenity at the Inns of Aurora

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