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Harmless Fun on The Strip: Caesar's LINQ Promenade

Vegas High Roller

Gaming. Drinking. I’ve spent very little time indulging in either of those pursuits throughout my 40 years on this planet. I’m not exactly a prude and certainly don’t have a moral objection (and I even enjoy a drink myself from time to time), but I typically find my fun elsewhere.

Many people have questioned how I can actually have fun living such a quaint lifestyle, especially when visiting Sin City itself: Las Vegas. But I recently spent a few vacation days in Las Vegas and, as always, had a blast. This time my wife and I visited a new part of town that I hadn’t had the pleasure of experiencing before: Caesars Entertainment’s LINQ Promenade, an open-air shopping, dining and entertainment district that’s adjacent to the LINQ Hotel & Casino (which features 2,253 rooms and 63,000 square feet of meeting space) and includes a live music venue/32-lane bowling alley (Brooklyn Bowl).

The focal point of the LINQ Promenade is the High Roller, a 550-foot observation wheel named the “Best Attraction of 2016” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The enclosed cabins are massive, accommodating up to 40 people each, and the 30-minute ride gives your group plenty of time to mingle and take a million selfies while enjoying a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountainous terrain. Cabins are available for group bookings, and in-cabin experiences include Happy Half Hour (with an open bar), Chocolate Tasting with Ethel M Chocolates and Yoga in the Sky (a 60-minute outing).

LINQ High Roller

My wife’s friend happened to be visiting Las Vegas at the same time as us, and joined us in the LINQ Promenade. He’s afraid of heights and was unsure about riding the High Roller, but we assured him it was safe and secure, and that he wouldn’t suffer any anxiety (not that we actually knew that, since it was our first ride). Fortunately, we were correct and he loved the experience; it’s unlike anything else on the Strip.

Let’s talk about chocolate. The LINQ Promenade has a wide variety of food choices, ranging from In-N-Out Burger to Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips to Jaburritos (I’m kicking myself for not trying a sushi burrito—next time). But honestly, I didn’t really care about anything else when my eyes locked on to this word: Ghirardelli. The legendary company has been around since 1852, and San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square is an essential Bay Area stop for me. So when I learned that the promenade had its very own Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop, you couldn’t drag me out of Vegas until I was nice and bloated.

Ghirardelli is not for the faint of heart, in terms of caloric intake. But when you’re eye to eye with the Twin Peaks - Marshmallow Hot Fudge Sundae, it’s time to live your life. You only have so much time on this earth. Just squint and pretend like the calorie count is in the triple digits.

LINQ Promenade shopping is no slouch (Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, Goorin Bros. Hat Shop), but recently got a nice boost in my opinion. The original storefront for Kappa Toys debuted in Las Vegas’ Downtown Container Park in 2014. The new location gives toy collectors such as myself the opportunity to load up on vinyl figures, finger puppets and even a retro-styled Little Golden Book for mom without leaving the friendly confines of the promenade. If nothing else, these seemingly needless toy purchases will remind me of happy times in Vegas while I’m back in the office (I’m looking at one right now!).

So there you have it: a great time in Las Vegas with no gaming and little to no alcohol (I can’t promise that there wasn’t one drink). But come on, there will always be ample opportunity to enjoy some drinks and try your hand at the slots in Las Vegas. And if that’s part of your plan and you’re not as weird as me, you’re still in the right place hanging out at the LINQ Promenade.


Coming Soon to the LINQ Promenade

Fly LINQ, featuring 10 side-by-side zip lines, will be the first zip line on the Las Vegas Strip. Riders will begin their experience by taking an elevator designed to provide open Strip views from the Vortex at the LINQ Hotel & Casino to the top of the 122-foot-tall launch tower. From the launch tower, the ride continues eastward, traveling 1,080 feet above the LINQ Promenade and disembarking near the base of the High Roller. Construction is expected to begin this spring.

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Blair Potter

Blair Potter is managing editor for The Meeting Professional. He likes toys and collects cats (or is it the other way around?).