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IMEX America speaker Juliet Funt wants to make your work life less frenetic


Juliet Funt promotes “short sips of time” during which employees stop for a moment between daily tasks. She calls that interlude “WhiteSpace.”

Funt, an MPI keynote speaker at this month’s IMEX America in Las Vegas, is CEO of WhiteSpace at Work ( She and her team describe WhiteSpace as “a strategic pause taken between activities. It can be used in tiny sips as small as two seconds or in longer stretches. These thoughtful pauses laced through the busyness of the workday are the oxygen that allows everything else to catch fire. WhiteSpace can be recuperative—to reboot your exhausted brain and body. It can also be constructive—this is time spent on driving business results through introspection, strategy and big-picture thinking.”

“When a company adds WhiteSpace you can almost hear an audible sigh of relief as a path is cleared back to strategic thinking and focus,” Funt says.

WhiteSpace at Work has been imparting this concept to corporate giants such as Nike, P&G, Wells Fargo, Hershey’s, Hyatt, American Express and Maritz Travel—and receiving kudos for success. The enticement for the corporate world’s acceptance of Funt’s philosophy is increased productivity, and that concept is something that her clients are buying into.

“WhiteSpace allowed my teams to build skillsets that improved both balance and performance,” says David Peckinpaugh (MPI St. Louis Area Chapter), president of Maritz Global Events. “Juliet and her team have been a great accelerator for our business.”

Funt and her WhiteSpace at Work team make an impact on the corporate culture of their clients by teaching the philosophy and practices to whole teams and departments. This is done though talks and in-person seminars, as well as though digital learning options.

When Funt talks to groups of meeting professionals, as will be the case at IMEX America, she offers them WhiteSpace tools and strategies that they can use within their own companies and also share with their event clients going forward.

“We help high-achieving teams reduce busywork so they can execute better,” she says. “Almost every population that is represented through MPI—every association, every corporate group, every person that these meeting planners serve—will have the problem of unnecessary busyness in their workplaces. That means that they have too many emails and meetings and too much paperwork and too much red tape and too many fire drills to really be doing the most thoughtful execution that they can of their job.”

The IMEX America audience that gets to hear Funt’s presentation will be in for a treat: a charismatic speaker with a great sense of humor. In one YouTube video, she talks about how checking email has gone from being a periodic activity to an obsession in which some people seem to have a need to check their incoming mail almost every waking minute.

There are studies, which WhiteSpace at Work cites, showing that in conventional workplaces, 95 percent of people are interrupted more than five times per hour, 69 percent of workers feel they are highly overworked, 86 percent of employees feel that taking breaks would make them more productive and 61 percent feel stressed by the constant pressure to check email.

Claiming WhiteSpace, Funt says, is an effective strategy to change all that.


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