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MPI Scholarship Creates Opportunity at 2017 MPI WEC


Patricia Rodenburg says the opportunity to network and spend time with other members of the meeting industry at the 2017 MPI World Education Congress—thanks to an MPI Foundation scholarship—was an invaluable experience. “Being able to see the execution of a large event was great, and the variety of educational sessions and variety in the program offered was really good. I wanted time to stand still so I could soak it all in!” says Rodenburg (MPI Greater Edmonton Chapter), owner of Integra Events Inc. “I left Las Vegas tired (from the social events!), but feeling rejuvenated and excited to get back to work.”

She worked in hotels on the catering/convention services side and always loved the planning and execution of events and conferences. “I really enjoyed being part of something that starts off just on paper and then over time becomes a full event,” Rodenburg says. “I love the fast pace and the variety this industry offers. I have made close friends with past clients and partners—it has been a rewarding career.

A career highlight was earning her CMP. “I had long been out of school so there was a great feeling of satisfaction on earning this designation,” Rodenburg says. “The knowledge that I earn every year in the industry makes me a much more confident planner.” Outside of work, her passions include spending time with her granddaughters and quilting. “It is a detailed process—your cutting and joining has to be precise, so it is similar to event planning,” Rodenburg says. “I feel very zen when I sit in front of my sewing machine, and the joy on the faces of people I give my quilts to is so rewarding.”

She plans to continue supporting the MPI Foundation.“The scholarship did have a dollar value, but to me it was priceless. I felt like I won the lottery when I was selected,” Rottenburg says. “Being able to attend in 2017 has inspired me to save towards 2019. I cannot wait! (I am not able to go in 2018 due to an event over the dates!)” Visit to learn more about MPI Foundation.

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