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Stronger Together: Global Meetings Industry Day Unites MPI Communities Across the Globe

MPI Brazil Chapter

MPI chapter events demonstrated a strong and unified global industry during Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) on April 12.

Many meeting professionals had the opportunity to participate in MPI’s Global Meetings Industry Day Virtual Event, a 12-hour special broadcast sponsored by the Mexico Tourism Board that offered a virtual window into a wide variety of GMID discussions and face-to-face gatherings.

MPI Brazil Club

The MPI Brazil Club hosted a GMID event with 70 attendees at Fogo de Chão Churrascaria, with a breakfast followed by presentation and interaction. Gabriel Branco, CEO of Class Produções (Brasil) and Sunshine Mapping (USA), was the speaker.

A key message from the event was that the meeting and event market and economy in Brazil are showing signs of recovery. The market is full of opportunity for employment, services and new partnerships. Technology creates business opportunities, with tech adoption shifting from complicated and expensive initiatives to easy and simple tech-based solutions.

The event also included demonstrations of several technologies available for meeting planners and a discussion about the adoption of new tech moderated by MPI Brazil board member Roberta Nonis. 

MPI Denmark Chapter

MPI Denmark ChapterGMID Salon in Denmark was hosted by MPI Denmark Chapter President Hans Ravnkjær Larsen, who juggled Viking questions from the online audience, and MPI Global’s Kristi Casey Sanders, who introduced the different sessions and speakers.

A great group of event students joined via venue sponsor CPH Business, along with 20 members. There were also onsite speakers, which created a dynamic afternoon, and everyone felt they gained a lot of new knowledge in a short amount of time. It was a great combination of live and virtual talks. 

Attendees felt like they were part of an international community thanks in part to conversations on Twitter and in the chat forum, and new friendships were formed between members of various chapters around the world.

MPI Iberian Chapter

MPI Iberian ChapterMore than 80 meeting professionals learned about the “Keys to Identify Talent in the Meetings & Events Industry” in Madrid at a gathering organized by the MPI Iberian Chapter.

During this session, experts in HR such as Antonio Pamos and Miguel Ángel García inspired attendees and showed the, how the identification of talent is the key to the success of their projects. An interactive workshop allowed attendees to participate, live, in the development of a talented professional profile.

A panel of leaders in innovation, successful entrepreneurs and university staff moderated by Ricardo Fernández featured Ander Bilbao of BeOn, Paz Martos of Carlson WagonLit, Carlos Granda of Conventia, Gloria Campos of ISEMCO and Angeles Moreno of the Creative dots. Panelists discussed the tools and difficulties related to finding and selecting talent within our sector.

MPI Japan Chapter

MPI Japan ChapterThe MPI Japan Chapter hosted a networking event at “Toyama Kan,” a specialized shop/bar in central Tokyo. Makiko Yamamoto, honorable chairperson, and Yumi Yasuda, the chapter’s president-elect, hosted the event, which stressed the Meeting Means Business and “When we meet, we change the world” messages, as well as promoted Japanese destinations such as Toyama, Sapporo, Chiba, Kitakyushu, Osaka and Fukuoka).

MPI Netherlands Chapter

MPI Netherlands ChapterThe MPI Netherlands Chapter decided to mark GMID by celebrating the importance of events from a marketing point of view. Why are events such a strong marketing tool?

AFAS Software, a family business specializing in innovative software products both for the B2C as the B2B market, invited MPI members to its office to provide an inside look at making great use of events within the marketing mix. Robbert de Ruijter, a ‘success manager’ for AFAS Software, explained how events ensure a certain loyalty from clients, offering them experiences. Daniëlle Brons of BrandXtension, an event bureau specializing in brand activation by organizing events, provided attendees with some insights about WHY experiencing a brand during an event is working so well and showed multiple examples of the possibilities events can create.

MPI Poland Chapter

MPI Poland Chapter

The MPI Poland Chapter, SITE Poland and The Business Tourism Club 2B Vistula University hosted a GMID event for 45 attendees in Warsaw. The networking event was for key industry representatives and students.

Krzysztof Celuch of Celuch Consulting discussed his report Trends 2018 - Knowledge, Product, Motivation, Impact, presenting 10 key trends and factors that meeting planners should pay attention to while designing events and creating projects. Attendees then worked in small groups to brainstorm. The result? Meeting pros need to focus on answers to the question WHY the attendee should take a part in a specific event, and while creating meetings, must understand attendee desires—how to move them to action and meet their needs.

MPI Turkey Club

The MPI Turkey Club formally celebrated GMID for the first time, co-organizing an event with the SITE Turkey Chapter intended to energize the local industry around the theme of “Stronger Together.” They called on the industry to join forces and combine efforts to reveal the strength of the meeting industry. The event also included a panel discussion featuring Miguel Neves, a member of the MPI International Board of Directors, as well as a networking party.   

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