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One week the issue will focus on “Conversations” providing interviews from MPI-CAC members and leadership, featured topics, Chapter news and much more. The following week, the issue will focus on “Connections” highlighting all of the upcoming MPI-CAC in one quick resource for all of the event information and registration details.


The Perfect Site Visit

Mark Mares | Oct 30, 2018

Customization for the Masses – How to

Mallory Mondloch, Pinstripes | Oct 16, 2018

Ask the Expert - How to be a Successful Leader

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Oct 2, 2018

A Q&A on Venue Security

Jeanne Hahn | Sep 18, 2018

The Know How On Rooming Lists - Tips and Tricks

Kristina Tarantino, CMP | Aug 17, 2018
Putting together, maintaining and managing a rooming list can be a time-consuming and often overwhelming process. Here are a few key considerations to ensure successful management of the rooming list process from start to finish.

A Q&A on Cyber Security

Jeanne Hahn | Aug 17, 2018
Everyone lives on their phones today. Cybersecurity is top of mind for meeting planners, venues and attendees. Sitting down with Brian Mann, director of property technology of the Q Center, provided a unique view of cybersecurity and great information for planners to help manage the ever-changing world of data.

Everything’s Going Wrong. GOOD!

Matt Getz | Aug 17, 2018
No matter if it’s on-site, off-site, pre-event, post-event or any other time frame you can imagine, whatever happens, your immediate reaction should be: GOOD! And then follow that up with how it’s an opportunity you can use to your advantage.

New Social Media Rules for Engaging Event Design

Barbara Rozgonyi, CoryWest Media LLC | Aug 7, 2018
When you’re mapping out your event design strategy, think in 4D

Ask the Expert- Building Your Team

Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP | Aug 7, 2018
There are two ways you can “build your team,” and the most important one is having a group of colleagues or co-workers where you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to work successfully with them.

Millennial-Friendly Meetings

Kevin Dana | Aug 7, 2018
Many aspects of traditional corporate meetings and conferences appear mundane and uninteresting to millennials in today’s workforce. Creating entertaining and inviting environments that challenge and excite them is the key to a successful event.

WEC 2018 promotes designing experiences

Heather Warthen | Jul 24, 2018
With a revamped conference layout and timely session topics, MPI World Education Congress 2018 proved to be an impactful three-day experience for attendees.

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