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Fred H. Knieberg Mentorship Program

Fred H. Knieberg, CMP had the original idea to create a Mentor Program for the MPI D/FW Chapter. Knieberg dedicated the last few years of his life to creating a successful program designed to provide growth for experienced professionals within the chapter in the development of other members. 


To honor his work, the chapter created the MPI D/FW Mentorship Program (the Program), founded on the idea that finding good mentors in the meetings & events industry should not happen by accident, but on purpose.

The mentorship program is open and now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 term.  All applications should be returned to the dirleadership@mpidfw.org no later than August 3, 2018 @ 5 p.m.  Mentor and Mentor pairings will be notified no later than August 10, 2018.

Please fill out our mentor application or mentee application form if you are interested in joining the program.

Benefits to the Mentee

  • Real world insight
  • Exposure to new ideas, perspectives, learning experience and resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Receive assistance with long-term career planning and direction

Benefits to Mentor

  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives
  • Enhancement of leadership and coaching skills
  • Develop and retain talent in your organization.
  • Creating a legacy
“As a mentee I am given the opportunity to once a month reach into the mind and experiences of my mentor. As I was new in my role and in the city my mentor enriched me in her knowledge of balance, and when the time came, shared ways I can shine for my new boss. My mentor also pushed me to think on the things I could obtain in my current role and how to approach conflict within the workplace. I am grateful for this opportunity!” 

– Abigail Montanez, Mentee

“Being part of MPI/DFW’s Mentor/Mentee program has been an extremely rewarding experience. As a mentor, I have been honored to be able to exchange thoughts and collaborate with my mentee. We’ve talked about everything from meeting planning, to our individual industries, to our families. I have been able to provide guidance when she has needed it. I have also learned much from her. This experience has given me the opportunity to pay it forward. I’ve had great mentors before; and now that I serve as a mentor, I appreciate even more the time and assistance others have provided me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back and impact someone else in return.” 

– Corina Balsells, CMP, CMM, Mentor

Download the Mentor Playbook for more information on the program.

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