March 26, 2019
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December 18, 2018
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Board of Directors

MPI Board Nov 2018

Cheryl Math, CMP
Tara Platt
President Elect, Foundation Liaison
Julie Kronlage
Immediate Past President
Adam Curl
VP of Finance
Cory Carlson
VP of Membership
Kelsey Packer, CMP
VP of Communications
Joan Kranovich, CMP
VP of Education

Brenda Ram, CMP, CHCP
Chapter Administrator
Joe Hoffman
Director of Communications
Kim Johnson-Smith, CMP
Director of Finance
Laurie Nielsen-Singer
Director of Retention
Mattie Scheeter, CMP
Director of Nebraska Socials
Jessica Erickson
Director of Iowa Socials
Marnie Amdor
Director of Education

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