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Member Spotlight


GA Headshot

Gillian Austin

MECA at CHI Health Center Omaha and TD Ameritrade Park

Convention Sales Manager

MPI Member Since: 2014

*Gillian is also an affiliate member of the MPI Kansas City Chapter.


How long have you been in the meetings / hospitality industry? 

I “fell” into this industry by accident after being in the beauty business for many years.  When I was first interviewed for a hotel sales job my boss, who I am still friends with, asked about my experience with hotel sales.  My answer – “I’ve been in sales my whole career but my only hotel experience is staying in them”!!!!   I got the job and have loved every minute of hospitality.   That was 30 years ago!

How has MPI helped in the support and growth of your career? 

I think the most important thing in this business is building relationships and expanding your network.  Not only with people in the Industry but anyone and everyone.   You gain so much from kindling friendships and relationships.  MPI has opened the door to many of my most treasured friendships.  

Have you done business with any MPI members, locally or nationally? 

I am an affiliate member with the KC MPI Chapter and have done business with one of their members. It’s about who you know not what you know.   It may not happen right away but it will happen.

What three tips can you share with others in our industry? 

Be persistent but not annoying. 

Write personal notes and thank you cards to clients. 

Network, network, network!

What is your dream vacation spot? 

Hmmmm so many –  Italian Riviera

What do you do in your spare time?  

My husband and I love to try new restaurants,  drink wine, travel, workout and I love to go to “Open Houses” to be nosey!  

Any hidden talents? 

I was a Poetry (Prose) reader and entered and won several competitions in my teen years!

Fun facts about yourself?  

From United Kingdom, younger Brother in Australia,  I have a horrible sweet tooth and LOVE chocolate, we have a new grandson who just turned 1 year old in February.

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