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2019-2020 KBC Slate of Officers and Directors

By: Greg Jewell | Feb 16, 2019

The slate of officers and directors for the KBC MPI board of directors is published below. Per the bylaws, the information is published for 30 days for public comment. After that time, the slate will be considered ratified. 

President                                         Glenn Blind CMP

President-Elect                                Morgan Whitney

Immediate Past President               Duncan Hines

Past President Liaison                    Julie Kirkpatrick

 VP Treasurer                                  Joey Mills

 VP Education                                  Hannah Sawyer

  Director of Education                     (Vacant)

  Director of Venues                         Whitney Franklin

  VP Membership                             (Vacant)

  Director of Member Care               Vanessa Huff Revett

  Director of Recruitment                  Emily Johnston

  VP Communications                       Derek Olive

  Director of Special Events              Sarah Gallant

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