September 5, 2018
Team Building at Roundtop Resort
Join us in kicking off our 2018-19 education sessions with a non-traditional event at Roundtop Mountain Resort where trained facilitators will lead us in a series of team building exercises designed as metaphors for business issues.
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July 1, 2018
Refer a Friend and be Rewarded
When you refer a member they will receive $50 off their membership, and you'll receive a $25 credit.
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Meeting Recaps


May 3, 2017

Ethics in Leadership
Event Summary | Photos


April 4 & 5, 2017

Event Usage of Unique Venues and Preparing for an Active Shooter
Event Summary | Photos

March 17, 2017

March Bowling Event
Event Summary | Photos


February 8, 2017

The Dirty Dozen of Presentations and How to Avoid Them
Event Summary | Photos

January 11, 2017

Employee Engagement and the Millennials
Event Summary | Photos


December 8, 2016

Ding Happens! "Adapt and Innovate in an Ever Changing World"
Event Summary | Photos


November 14 & 15, 2016

Assets from LinkedIn 101 Not LinkedIn? You're Left Out
Event Summary


October 5, 2016

Crisis Management and Media Management
Event Summary | Photos


September 7, 2016

Do's and Don'ts of Transportation
Event Summary | Photos


August 11, 2016

New Member Recruitment Networking Event
Event Summary | Photos


June 23, 2016

June Celebration: Mingle in the Mountains
Event Summary | Photos


May 10, 2016

Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere...Build Rapport, Relationships and Connections with Customers and Co-Workers
Event Summary | Photos


April 12 , 2016

Meeting of the Millennial Minds: Collaborating with the Next Generation of Meeting Professionals
Event Summary | Photos


March 9, 2016

Education on the Road!
Event Summary | Photos


February 10, 2016

45 Reasons Why Volunteering is Important
Event Summary | Photos


January 13, 2016

What is a Pennsylvania CVB and How Can it Help Me?
Event Summary | Photos


 December 9, 2015

The Art of Control-How to Gracefully Control Conversation with Prospects and Clients
Event Summary


November 17, 2015

Third annual Meeting Great Expectations Conference at Kalahari Resorts. 
Event Summary | Photos


October 7, 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Behavior in the 21st Century
Event Summary


September 24, 2015

Networking Event
Event Summary


September 9, 2015

The Science of Food Pairings-Satisfying the Complicated Palate of Today's World
Event Summary


June 25, 2015

MPIMP's Annual Celebration "A Night in Napa"
Event Summary


May 13, 2015

"Teams on Fire" & Awards Presentation
Event Summary


April 8, 2015

Meeting in the Fast Lane
Event Summary


March 13, 2015

Let's Bowl 2015!
Event Summary


March 4, 2015

Building a Reputation Focused Marketing Strategy
Event Summary


February 3, 4 2015

Practical Tips & Processes to use when Hiring Interns
Event Summary


January 7, 2015

State of the Meetings Industry
Event Summary


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