Corie Rand, CMP, CTSM
Event Management Professional and MPI Member Since 1996
Corie is a seasoned meeting & event planner and a long-time member of MPI.  Taking advantage of some new found time, she is now doing contract work and volunteering, not only with MPI on the Education Committee, but with a wellness center for those affected with Parkinson Disease.
She is planning their annual fund raising gala taking place in August.I asked Corie what it is that keeps her connected to MPI and here’s what she said. 
"Re-joining a committee with MPI/NE has been great. I had been away from volunteering for about 3 years due to work/travel, etc and it has been fun being back, being a team member, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new and creating a great (hopefully!!) August event! It’s funny, I have been a member of MPI since 1996 and have volunteered a few times then have taken breaks because of life or whatever, but I always seem to find my way back because it is a great community."
Next time you see Corie, be sure to ask her about being a “Corner-Man”!