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June 11, 2019
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President's Message


Mendoza-Headshot-1-252x300A Message from the President…

Lucinda Mendoza, CMP
Meeting Manager
Annual Reviews


I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this wonderful chapter. At the MPINCC GALAxy last June, I shared my theme for this upcoming year – YOUR STORY. OUR CHAPTER., meaning each member’s story builds a stronger chapter.

What’s my story? Eight years ago, just three days after my wedding, I walked into my first MPINCC Leadership Retreat as a new co-chair and, as the Talking Heads song goes, I thought “How did I get here??” How DID I get here? Simply, I was asked – the week before the retreat. I told then President Schermerhorn I was unemployed, living out of boxes, and embarrassed. He responded, “Unemployed? We love that! You have the gift of time! Great for volunteering.” So, I said yes, drove myself to Monterey, participated as much as an intimidated newbie could and then, during a break, the facilitator pulled me aside. Naturally, given my Catholic school upbringing, immediately, I thought I was in trouble. He looked me straight in the eye and said, in a wise, stern whisper, “If you want it, you will be Chapter President. If you want it.” And then, he walked away. I laughed skeptically. Said to myself, “Ha! Chapter President. If I want it. Silly Rick Weaver”. Had I been “Jedi-mind tricked?” He was right. I did want it. And now, flash forward to 2018, I’m here. Nervous but happy to serve our membership.

I am so excited about this year and WOW! What a great kickoff with our August program with our wonderful panel leading a honest discussion on Inclusion and Diversity. Last year, President Lucy Giovando Watts set up a Diversity and Inclusion task force to recommend activities and practices that this chapter can implement to better the experience for each member. This year, we’ll start to see the difference these efforts are making.

Another great experience in store for this year is the new, re-imagined Annual Conference & Expo (ACE) in February 2019! Our ACE team has gone back to the drawing board and is, not only thinking outside the box but redesigning that box. Nothing is impossible with this team!

I encourage all of our MPINCC members to share their story this year through volunteering, mentoring and leading this chapter. So, now, what’s YOUR STORY?


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