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Past Presidents


1984-1985Robert (Bob) Davis
1985-1986Linda Teteruck
1986-1987W.G. (Bill) Corcoran
1987-1988Joy MacPherson
1988-1990Nola Wade
1990-1991Suzanne Fletcher
1991-1992Anna Lee Chabot, CMP
1992-1993Sharyon F. Smith
1993-1994Joan Rondeau
1994-1995Patti Mordasewicz, CMP
1995-1996Una Folkson-Singh, CMM
1996-1997Mariann Canning
1997-1998Janet Finlayson, CMP
1998-1999Mary-Lynn Campbell
1999-2000Cynthia Connelly, CMP
2000Michelle Gravelle, CMP
2000-2002Ellyn Holzman, CMP
2002-2003Chuck Schouwerwou, CMP, CMM
2003-2004Louise Gervais, CMP, CMM
2004-2005Ann Dow
2005-2006Jacques Drury, CMP
2006-2007Doreen Ashton Wagner
2007-2008Darlene Kelly-Stewart
2008-2009Francois Brunet
2009-2010Marye Menard-Bos CMM CMP
2010-2011Carole Saad, CMP
2011-2012Markus Fisher
2012-2013Lira Buschman
2013-2014Marie-Louise Doyle
2014-2015Jennifer Holly
2015-2016David Dugas
2017-2018Ryan Young

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