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About Our Chapter

Established in 1978, MPI Philadelphia Area is a regional professional organization dedicated to serving the diverse needs of meeting professionals and to the development of its members by providing educational, informational and networking forums.

When you join MPI Philadelphia Area, you become part of an organization dedicated to your personal and career success. You’ll connect with the innovative learning, passionate people and big ideas that will empower you to become an agent of change and reinvent the world.


MPI's Philadelphia Area Chapter

MPI Philadelphia Area

"My goals for the chapter this year is to continue making diversity & inclusion our top priority and to make our education programs reflect our goals.  MPI PHL needs to be the leader in education for our industry.
We want to tackle the tough issues of today and how our industry can make an impact in today’s world. The meetings and hospitality industry produces over $325 billion dollars of direct spending in the US alone. With that type of buying power, we need to be the advocates to create and implement change. We can be the influencer of corporate social responsibility and broaden cross-cultural understanding and it starts with education."

- Katie Schultz, HMCC, MPI Philadelphia Area Chapter, President

MPI Chapter Membership Population

Planners: 209
Suppliers: 144
Students: 22
Faculty: 4
Other: 5

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