December 20, 2018
December Educational Breakfast: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows YOU!
How to Attract the Best Customers and Create an Army of Raving Fans
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How do you embrace chaos? Do you avoid, blame, complain?

If you missed Corinne Hancock’s presentation last Thursday during the MPI October luncheon, you learned that chaos makes you stronger. As planners, we live in a world of chaos and unexpected crisis but following Corinne’s steps can help you get through the chaos in the moment that it happens.

First, remember the mission. Why or what is the goal? As a planner, the mission could be an event, for example.

Second – Assess and evaluate. Look around. What and who do you have available? Evaluate the situation.

Third – Be creative. As you assess what is available, be creative to other options and suggestions to get you out of the situation that you are currently in.

Fourth – Alignment vs. agreement. As the leader, you need all your team to align with you to move out of the chaos and meet your mission. Not everyone needs to agree on how to get there, but at the moment, everyone needs to align and work together to move forward.

Fifth – Take action. Do something! Don’t just wait or someone or something to save you. Act!

Corinne also discussed the framework of BE. Who are you BEING when chaos hits? It’s easy to avoid, blame and/or complain, but the reality is that as planners, are you adding to the chaos or being responsible? In the end, your team is going to show up just like you so in the middle of it, the following framework of BE, will help you be the leader you know you can be.

  1. Be Curious – what is going on with clients with their complaints, so you can solve their problem. Listen, listen, listen. Remember, behind every complaint, is a commitment to their things, families and lives.

  2. Be Responsible – now that you know the complaints and the problem, now you have a project. Be the one who is responsible for the outcome of the challenge/complaint.

  3. Be Authentic – no matter what, be yourself. People can see through fake promises and fake personalities. Be genuine and people will know that you’re focusing on solving the problem.

Corinne’s talk was very interactive and had teams building the tallest tower with the resources given. It was an interactive and fun luncheon that really put into perspective how us planners can take control of the chaos rather than the chaos taking control of us.

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