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IMG_8061The RM Chapter of MPI was honored to host three outstanding women for the February 2019 Monthly Meeting, all speaking on the topic of “Women in Leadership.

The program began with Rachel Benedick who shared the realities of her undergraduate degree in Psychology translating into valuable knowledge in her multiple roles at VISIT Denver. Rachel truly knows how leadership development makes a difference as she began her career there as an Executive Assistant 21 years ago and through mentorship and personal development worked her way up to her current position as VP of Sales & Service. Her presentation on leadership included her perceived five principles of leadership: 1) Caring & Trust, 2) Courage, 3) Honesty, 4) Decision-making and 5) Desire to Learn. Rachel’s nuggets of wisdom in each of these areas was truly inspiring, exhibiting how well-read she is as well as how she strives to always be learning. She encouraged women specifically to stop constantly saying “SORRY” and to remove the word “JUST” from vocabulary whenever possible, as they both take away power.

Next, Debra Fine, Speaker, Trainer and Author, shared her key encouragement to consider “every conversation as an opportunity.” She explained how this key principle translated in life to numerous open doors for establishing herself as a professional speaker at a time when it was necessary for her to step up and provide for her family. As an introverted engineer, she was able to parlay something she needed to learn—the art of small talk—and turn it into a training ground for others. Be sure to find someone who attended to share with you her best exit strategy from an unwanted conversation!

IMG_8059Finally, Laura Stack, author and President/CEO of “The Productivity Pro” shared five things planners should stop and start doing to be more successful. Her urging to “STOP Allowing Undue Influence/START Loving Yourself” helps us to let go of what others think.  We can “STOP Putting Everyone Else First/START Setting Boundaries” through communicating realistic expectations to others. To “STOP Being a Martyr/START Asking for Help” we only say “yes” with a conscious decision to be ALL IN for strategic opportunities, avoiding over-commitment. To “STOP Being Cheap/START Parting with Your Money” we are using today’s available shortcuts, such as online grocery shopping and delivery, to free up our valuable time.  Finally to “STOP Picky Standards/START Letting Go” we relax our standards to give ourselves and others a break, creating a more positive living experience all around. All of these women shared passionately from their hearts and experiences, providing a truly valuable professional development session for all in attendance.

Written by: MPI Member- Andrea S. Peterson, MTA, CMP
President/ CEO of ASAP Meetings & Events


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