June 6, 2019
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January 2019 – President’s Message


Jaime-Britt_2018-200x300Hello MPI St. Louis! 2019 has gotten off to a great start and if that is any indication, this year is set to be an amazing one for sure!

Thank you for your continued support of our chapter events; our committees have several more tricks up their sleeves for the remainder of this term. Thank you for your feedback; without it we cannot continue to grow and evolve, as our industry does so rapidly. Thank you for your involvement; we have seen an increase in our member involvement with committees and it is absolutely wonderful. You, the member, is what makes our chapter so successful.

As you may have noticed, the theme of this message is THANK YOU!

MPI St. Louis finished the year strong with 281 members and a retention rate of 76%...that's amazing!! This is a direct reflection of your commitment, the dedication of your Board of Directors, and their mission of member engagement.

As I reflect on my time as your Chapter President, I am extremely proud of the strides that have been made, and even more excited about where this chapter is heading. Thank you - I'm incredibly humbled to have been able to work alongside your chapter leadership and set MPI St. Louis up for success for years to come.

Last year I challenged you to get involved. This year I encourage you to continue to put yourself out there and remain involved, and always provide feedback. I am so grateful for MPI St. Louis, and as I've said before, I am tremendously honored to be able to give back.

Here’s to 2019!!





Jaime Britt

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