June 6, 2019
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MPISTL | May 6, 2019
In less than 2 months, the premier event for meeting and event professionals, MPI’s World Education Congress, will convene in Toronto.

10 Reasons Why You Might be Unproductive

MPISTL | Apr 17, 2019
You're running late for a client call scheduled in ten minutes. You can't put your finger on an important email that you need to reference. You burned the midnight oil in an attempt to catch up on all the work on your desk. If these scenarios sound all-to-familiar, you know that disorganization directly impacts your productivity and affects your life, both at work and at home.

April Tech Talk - Attendee Engagement

MPISTL | Apr 17, 2019
Roadshows and tradeshows are a very popular part of the event industry these days, and with that always comes the question: "How do we increase interactivity with our vendors?"

March Tech Talk

MPISTL | Feb 27, 2019
If you read my last post regarding a texting tool (and you are using it) you are now probably trying to figure out quick and easy methods to develop content that don’t necessarily require a design team.

Tech Talk

MPISTL | Feb 6, 2019
Keeping up with new technology for meetings and events is not easy. New apps, new website services, new presentation software...how do you possibly know what to choose and when do you have time to do your research?

Visit Indy for WEC 2018!

MPISTL | Mar 1, 2018

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