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June 11, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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Top Performing Chapter Award



March Member of the Month


Krystal Ferm (002)Krystal Ferm
GMS Group

How many years have you been in the Meeting/Event Business? 

Association Management – 10 years; Planning - 3

During that time, what would you say has been your best experience? 

Learning from my experienced co-worker who helped me see that planning evolves over time. Seeing how they used to plan vs. how technology has changed the process is very interesting.

What committees/volunteer opportunities have you been involved in during your membership?  

I am on the Special Programs and Education/Meetings Academy committees. I am soon to be the Director of Monthly Programs for the 2019-2020 year!

Why did you first join MPI?   

Looking for education to obtain my CMP designation, MPI was the natural choice.

What's the most important/valued thing you’ve gained from your membership? An incredibly inclusive and supportive group of industry professionals and friends

Please tell us any interesting facts about you that you would like us to know.  

I have four cats whose name all begin with the letter J. #crazycatlady


We would like to again congratulate our previous members of the month:

 Holly Young HEADSHOT

Holly Young

Previous Members of the Month


November 2018 - Mary Katsougrakis

October 2018 - Steve Tishman

September 2018 - Karn Clark

August 2018 - Lynette Menendez

June 2018 - Megan Humphrey

May 2018 - Brittany Erigo

April 2018 - Jennifer Smith, CMP

March 2018 - Jeff Boone

February 2018 - Cara Tolzman

January 2018 - Dolly Brown

November 2017 - Stephanie Monroy

October 2017 - Judy Mockabee

September 2017 - Angel Hodnett

August 2017 - Shelby Connett

March 2017 - Ashley Snedeker

January 2017- JC York


December 2016 - Amanda Clark

November 2016 - Rob Ferguson

October 2016 - Wayne Childs

September 2016 -  Linda Urban

July 2016 - Dina Vann

May 2016 - Stacy Feldhusen

January 2016 - Amanda Bernstein

November 2015 -  Matt Allen

October 2015 - Holly Young

September 2015 - Karen Farrington

August 2015 - Christy Cromwell

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