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Top Performing Chapter Award



January Member of the Month


Samantha Nemeroff Head Shot (Small) (002)Samantha Nemeroff, CMP
Manager of Event Booking
Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment

How many years have you been in the Meeting/Event Business?  7 years

During that time, what would you say has been your best experience? 

I wouldn’t say it’s an experience but rather a feeling I get when I see an event come to fruition. I always get choked up watching runners hit the finish line during a 5K I coordinate or as I hear the fans start to scream in excitement when the lights go out for a concert and the main act hits the stage. I look around the arena and think to myself, “Wow, I am helping make a memory right now.”

What committees/volunteer opportunities have you been involved in during your membership?  I have been on the Education Committee for 3 years now

Why did you first join MPI?   To become more involved in the Events industry, find and meet new resources, get motivated to earn my CMP

What's the most important/valued thing you’ve gained from your membership? New contacts in the industry and stepping outside my comfort zone by networking and get more involved 

Please tell us any interesting facts about you that you would like us to know.  I am a Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient, which is the highest award you can receive in Girl Scouts.


We would like to again congratulate our previous members of the month:

 MaryK Nov

Mary Katsougrakis

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