September 19, 2018
Industry Update for 2019 Budgeting and Planning
Back by popular demand, Veronica Andrews with STR is the hospitality industry’s source for premier global data, benchmarking, analytics, and marketplace insights. BRING YOUR BOSS TO LUNCH DAY!
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September 18, 2018
Fall MIX Event
Let’s kick off the event season with a party at one of Nashville’s hottest event venues on Broadway - Nashville Underground.
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Board of Directors

Erika Biddix, CMP CMM
Shannon Yeater, CMP
Katie Rogers, CMP
Immediate Past President
Jill Kopecky
VP Finance
Marisa McWilliams
VP Membership
Kayce Kiningham, CMP
VP Communications
Cory Brooks, CMP
VP Education
Tiffani Wilson
VP West Region

Katie Bohrer, CMP
Director of Special Projects
Katherine Page
Director of Strategic Alliances
Maeghen Pickett
Director of Communications
Melanie Blanche, CMP
Director of Monthly Meetings
Anita Akers
Director of Member Recruitment
Natalie Norris, CMP CMM
Director of Member Retention
Desiree Wooldridge, CMP
Director of Leadership & Professional Development
Michael Elizabeth McQuillen, CMP
Director of Operations

Lindsay Buchanan, CMP
Executive Director

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