October 1, 2018
Meet our Spotlight Member Jeff Nyikos
Jeff has been part of MPI WestField for 20 years
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June 1, 2018
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Past Presidents


2017-2018Heather Hansen O'Neill
2016-2017Jane Doyle
2015-2016Kerri Lagrutta
2014-2015Bonnie Cunningham
2013-2014Mozelle Goodwin, CMP
2011-2013Gerald F. Longo, CMP, CEM
2010-2011Santiago R. Carmona
2009-2010Heather Perrone, CMP
2008-2009Rick Weaver
2007-2008Andrei Oei
2006-2007Holly Anderson-Bender, CMP, CMM
2005-2006Susan Sprague
2004-2005Meghan Wildstein, CMP
2002-2004Carolyn Browning, CMP, CMM
2001-2002Anne Renken, CMM
2000-2001Carole Blumberg, MAS
1999-2000Margaret Moynihan, CMP
1998-1999Carol Stierle
1997-1998Carol Lynch
1996-1997Susan Stryker
1995-1996Diane Smith
1994-1995Anne Renken, CMM
1993-1994Anthony Pastor, CMP
1992-1993Jeffrey Forger, CMP
1991-1992Marty Bear
1990-1991Harriet Bingham
1989-1990Michael Fiorentino, CMP, CHM

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