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JoAnn Latorraca

Returning MPI Member


JoAnn Latorraca started working in the restaurant business at ten years old.  She learned from her father, Giovanni and other family members the inner workings of the restaurant business.    Making people happy was one of the first things that attracted her to the business, but establishing genuine relationships with her customers is what makes JoAnn a successful business woman.  Growing up in Stamford Connecticut, she attended Pace University where she studied Business Entrepreneurship.  JoAnn quickly decided that the family business is where she wanted to stay.

JoAnn learned early on that you have to be prepared anything that could go wrong, very well might go wrong. JoAnn taught all of her employees that with the correct attitude, any problem in a restaurant can be fixed. Customers appreciate the fact that she is willing to go the extra mile to not only fix their issue, most times she is able to make the situation better than the customer would have ever dreamed.

In addition to helping run a successful business day and night while she raised 4 boys, she also made time for PTO boards, spear headed different community activities within 3 different school her sons attended, after participating in “Dancing with the Stars” for Curtain Call, she realized the importance of art in our community and became a board member for Curtain Call, along with other local charity boards.

Anyone that has worked in a family business can relate to the fact that your work doesn’t always stay in the work place.  JoAnn found ways to keep a healthy balance of work and home life early on by figuring out what her co-workers and family members strengths are.  JoAnn learned from her father to let people do what they excel at. When JoAnn met her husband Sal she realized that his passion for food was the secret ingredient to a happy life and always delicious food. Sal has been the General Manager for most of the life of the restaurant, and the executive chef since 1987.

JoAnn knows that it is important to keep up with the trends, but it is also important to make sure that we maintain the traditional welcome feeling that has distinguished The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s for so many years.  We want our guests to feel comfortable.  “Like you are dining in our home”.


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