Venue Sales Certificate Program

Maximize Leads, Change the Way You Sell and Create Proposals that Win

Program Overview

MPI's Venue Sales Certificate program enables sales directors, associates, managers and event teams to create high-impact and powerful sales pitches and tools. Learn how to open client conversations that position your venues, properties, facilities and destinations for significant increases in contracts, conversions and business opportunities. 

Understand the strategy behind the three Ps that directly impact the sales success of global organizations, and the success of the sales professionals behind them, and discover how changes to pitch, position and proposal can revolutionize sales programs and drive huge business growth for your organizations. 

Learn from Thought Leader and Author of Steps to WIN in the Meetings Market Ciara Feely and focus on three foundational areas of the sales process to help you discover how to position your venue for more wins.


Self-Paced | On-Demand Online Module

After completing this program, you will:

  • Know how to sell more, and at better rates
  • Be able to generate more fruitful conversations with clients
  • Save time and money by creating more proposals that WIN (80%-90% of leads are lost at this stage)



  • What to say to get more direct conversations with decision makers
  • How to build credibility with planners and position yourself as a partner instead of a supplier (a much more lucrative—planners pay top rates when partners position themselves this way)
  • How to stand OUT and sound different
  • Brilliant questions to ask that immediately set you apart from your competitors



  • How to write proposals and RFPs that WIN 
  • Best content and structure practices critical to success
  • Smart pricing and packaging to help planners understand optimal spend to achieve objectives


Self-Paced Online Module

Available on-demand at time of purchase

MPI Members: $499 / Standard: $699




NOTE: The content of the self-paced program is the same as the live-online Program. However, it does not include the live learning workshops or access to instructor Ciara Feely to fast-track learning and implementation.


Live Online & Instructor-Led

Your Pitch

  • Learn how to be more relevant to your clients and understand their world. 
  • Discover what an interesting pitch entails for potential clients and how to tweak your communication. 
  • Understand what is important to your clients and how to think like them. 
  • Learn how to gain the most ROI from the process.  Ask questions and interact with your peers. 


Your Position – to drive profitability

  • Go beyond "qualification questions" to get to the Killer Questions that will open the conversation with planners (especially if you find you are stuck selling via email). 
  • Learn how to lead the sales conversation and take control. 
  • Position yourself as a partner instead of a supplier and build relationships that drive revenue.
  • Apply questions and techniques that will change your approach to sales and develop more relationships that drive profits. 


Proposals that WIN

  • Complete a practical exercise on enhanced proposal structure, content and packaging. 
  • Take the focus off rate and earn a spot on the Top 10% of proposals being considered (including eRFPs, bid documents and proposals).  


TIME TO GET IT DONE. (We take a break to practice and implement what you learned.)

  • Work on assignments.
  • Submit your proposal to Ciara Feely for review and assessment.


Week 4: It's a Wrap

  • Get personal feedback from Ciara Feely on your new proposal, and ensure you have it right. 
  • Learn from your peers, what works for them and the ideas they present. 


Each week a new module is released on the training website, followed by a live (online) learning workshop with instructor Ciara Feely. This delivery method ensures understanding and implementation. There are four live learning workshops held online.Upon completion of this course and related activities, participants will receive a Venue Sales Certificate. 


Live Online Course

MPI Members: $1,499 / Standard: $1,699

8 Hours CMP-IS Strategic Domain: Marketing


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