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IMEX Frankfurt 2018




Attend MPI Education Sessions


10:30 Tuesday, 15 May

Leadership Skills for MICE Women
Share and problem-solve with your peers as we ponder what skills help women ascend to executive leadership roles in the meeting and event industry. During this one-hour session developed by MPI’s Women in Leadership certificate course, we’ll examine the key roles women play in the hospitality and meeting industries and how to overcome career obstacles to executive-level positions.





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11:00 Tuesday, 15 May
#EventCanvas: Your Map to Extraordinary Meetings (Tuesday and Wednesday, 13:00)

Discover how an Event Model Canvas can transform your meeting planning cycle and create enhanced participant experiences that deliver on your business goals, from the practitioners who use it on a daily basis.

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12:00 Tuesday, 15 May
Exec Track: Leading a High-Converting and Profitable Team 

What difference would it make to your bottom line if each salesperson increased their WIN rate and didn’t have to chase as much new business? Most salespeople will just say, “We need more leads; it’s a numbers game.”  Explore the sales cycle from the decision-makers point of view and discuss industry practice in lead generation to avoid costly RFP spam and make your sales teams more profitable and productive.

13:00 Tuesday, 15 May
Meetings Outlook: A Deep Dive into the Latest Business Trends

Meeting professionals are so over-taxed in the present, they often forget—or don't have the time—to look ahead. Take a moment to preview the future based on MPI's most recent Meetings Outlook research, published quarterly in The Meeting Professional magazine and then discuss the trends that are most affecting you and your peers. Brainstorm ways to start planning for the uncertain future with case studies and best practices from around the globe.

14:00 Tuesday, 15 May
Exploring Unique Learning Formats
Have you heard of a Fishbowl? What about a Spectrogram? Open Space? There are many innovative educational formats in the event and conference space that we can employ to help our attendees engage, learn from each other and meet subject matter experts. But what are they? And how can they be deployed at meetings and events in ways that our participants can feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zones? Let’s discuss some of the event industry’s tried-and-true and recently introduced session formats, and determine how they can be used at your meetings and events.

15:00 Tuesday, 15 May
Safety & Security: Are Your Attendees at Risk?

The world is uncertain, but when a crisis happens at your next event, you custom image don’t need to be. Discover best and next practices for preparing your team for security or safety risks—be they natural or not. Review what aspects you need to consider when conducting your risk assessment, what you need to prepare for onsite, how to unfold your crisis plan and the ways you can communicate out to your attendees. Review several best-in-class, real-life case studies of how meeting professionals and venues have responded to crises. Then, deep dive into several “fire drill” scenarios and work with your peers on what your response and critical path should be in the case of an emergency onsite.

11:00 Wednesday, 16 May
#EventCanvas: Your Map to Extraordinary Meetings (Tuesday and Wednesday, 13:00)

Discover how an Event Model Canvas can transform your meeting planning cycle and create enhanced participant experiences that deliver on your business goals, from the practitioners who use it on a daily basis.

13:00 Wednesday, 16 May
Extraordinarily Inclusive: Events that Embrace Everyone
From age, race and gender to religion, language and experience, our meetings welcome a strikingly diverse audience of individuals from increasingly diverse backgrounds. How can we as meeting professionals create events that offer welcoming experiences to all of our participants? Discuss the different ways people differ from each other, discover next practices in welcoming diverse audiences and creating inclusive experiences and brainstorm ways we can be more hospitable to the individuals we host.   

14:00 Wednesday, 16 May
Visioning the Meeting Room of the Future

The way people interact has changed a lot in the last few years. This includes participants' interactions at meetings and events. Consider findings from recent global research from the International Association of Conference Centres into meeting surroundings—not only the rooms themselves, but also the spaces where delegates congregate, network and socialize. Understand how the meeting space affects learning and networking, and ultimately the goals and objectives of your meetings and events.

15:00 Wednesday, 16 May
Learning to Measure Your Learning Experiences

A learning event is an experience that facilitates gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes and/or behaviors. Many meetings advertise as such, but learning can be difficult to measure because it is a dependent upon individuals and their environments. At meetings, learners are often diverse in terms of education, seniority, age and tenure and, thus, are at different stages for receiving, using or even interest in learning. Different participants have different objectives for the meetings they attend. This session is not a-one-size-fits-all concept that fits learning at every meeting or indeed learner types or styles, but it will provide a best fit, pragmatic approach for measuring learning that can be adapted to a wide range of contexts and learner types.

11:00 Thursday, 17 May
Under the Hood of Small Meeting Venues
When considering events of 150 delegates or less, there are myriad venue custom image types that claim to satisfy smaller meetings. In this session, we will explore the pros and cons of different venue categories, including resorts, conference centers, hotels, academic venues and day conference centers, and consider how to discover unique venues that will deliver memorable meeting experiences for delegates.


Nurnberg Convention
MPI Stand Reception Sponsored by Nürnberg Conventions




Tuesday 15 May

MPI Happy Hour Reception
16:30-17:30, MPI Stand G680 – Open to everyone!

CIM-Clubbing @IMEX 

The popular CIM-clubbing after-show party and is powered by Rendezvous this year! This is the perfect opportunity to meet your colleagues, make new contacts - or just dance the night away. Learn more and Register for the event.

CIM-Clubbing @IMEX

MPI Foundation Silent Auction
Bid on a diverse number of exciting packages to help raise funds in support of chapter grants, scholarships and pan-industry research initiatives for European MPI members. This year, the auction closes on Thursday, 31 May. There are several ways to bid including through the IMEX mobile app, and at the MPI Stand (G680).

MPI Foundation Silent Auction