Jason Hensel | Feb 6, 2018
Indianapolis’ downtown investment is paying off for planners seeking a connected, walkable and welcoming destination.
Dian Barber | Feb 2, 2018
Alex Plaxen (MPI Potomac Chapter) is on a mission to help meeting and event professionals understand that social media is more than just tweeting and marketing. 
Rowland Stiteler | Dec 18, 2017
Event planners are ranging from the experienced to the most novice have heard of the #EventCanvas™, an event design template launched at the 2014 MPI World Education Congress (WEC) and surging in worldwide popularity nowadays
Avery Carter | Nov 30, 2017
As the concept of designing experiences takes center stage in the events industry, meeting professionals (or, “experience designers” as we may soon know them) are charged with not only orchestrating an endless number of logistics, but doing so flawlessly while ensuring an unforgettable and transformative experience for attendees.