ADA: What's F&B Got to do With it?

Tracy Stuckrath will help you gain an understanding of how the laws that protect individuals with disabilities and will offer guidance on how to create safe and inclusive food and beverage environments for all attendees.



Tracy Stuckrath

Tracy Stuckrath, founder and chief food officer of thrive!, helps organizations worldwide understand how food and beverage (F&B) affects risk, employee/guest experience, company culture and the bottom line. As a speaker, consultant, author and event planner, she has presented to audiences on five continents and believes that food and beverage provide a powerful opportunity to engage audiences on multiple levels. For her passion for inclusive F&B that satisfies everyone’s needs, she has been recognized as a 2017 SPIN 40 Over 40 honorees, 2016 Meetings Industry Change Maker and delegates to Slow Food International's Terra Madre Salon del Gusto, 2015 Top 25 Women in the meetings industry, 2014 Industry Trendsetter. In her spare time, when she is not teaching a healthy, farm-fresh and allergy-free cooking classes, she taking her nieces and nephew on experience trips or hanging with 96-year-old grandmother in NC. You can find her at



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